The vision

Everyday is an opportunity to create positive life change. Healing and personal growth are gentler and more effective with the support of a loving community and guides who’ve walked the path and can show you the way. We all deserve fulfillment, love, and freedom. We all deserve to reach our fullest potential.

Our Story

My healing path began shortly after I was born. I formed a connection with my Mom as she was grieving the loss of her mother. I don’t believe I knew it then, but that experience gave me an understanding of wound and trauma, nurture and support that i would carry my whole life. My mother turned to me for emotional comfort. She would hold me close while she’d cry and feel the deep, dark, hurts.

Once all grown up, I learned energy healing from my mother, followed by massage therapy from Healing Mountain, hypnotherapy from HPTI, yoga therapy from Integrated School of Yoga, breath-work, and more. I’ve worked at massage centers, spas, rehab centers and wellness centers. In 2007 I opened my own practice. Having my own practice allows me to practice a variety of healing and coaching techniques. Which of course feels more free to me.

Shortly after I graduated high school I came across Mama Gena, author of  Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. This started me on the path of female empowerment. I have such a love and passion for working with Goddesses. I find so much joy and pleasure in sharing my own path and supporting others on theirs. The power women hold is a precious, valuable seed. That, when nurtured, blossoms into vast creation, life, beauty, and unlimited potential. I am lucky and honored to witness and support such divinity.

Next Steps…

If you are looking to tap this unlimited potential and feel you could use some excellent guidance contact Brooke for a free consultation and find out if you are a good fit for her Go Goddess Academy.

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